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I like you all very much.
It's ridic-o-clock here and I need to be in bed (3 hours ago), but I thought I'd pop by my very quiet LJ and note down how happy i am in this fandom.

Yes, WONDERFUL People's Choice noms (Chris! Darren! Darren and Chris! Blam! Glee! Jane! Lea! Pezberry!), but beyond the PCAs, it's been lovely seeing people get excited about stuff together, be supportive of one another, engage in discussions, plan activities to fill up the many (and long!) hiatuses (?) we have to endure, create art in many forms and share it with others, and just generally enjoy each other's company.

It feels good. Especially when there's a lot of really challenging going ons in my life right now, I'm really happy this community exists.
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<3 <3 <3

Wishing you good things and lots of sleep.

So proud of Glee fandom and our beloved cast!

Thank you, dearest of dear souls!

I got pretty rubbish sleep, but it's okay. Was in a good mood. =)

Sending lots and lots and lots and lots of cheer and heart-hugs your way! [I also saw you posted FIC!! CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT! Will save it for the weekend. Mmm it's like stashing a delicious chocolate bar away for later].

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