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Midnight snack.
A pot of lemon curd made by a friend.

Beautiful curls of the most delich gouda, brought by a loved one from France.

Crackers & coffee.

This moment is made of delicious.

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*leans through the internet to join you*

That sounds lovely!

I just had some crackers with boursin cheese and a big glass of iced tea (for lunch), myself.

Clarification q: what does 'iced tea' mean for you? We drink milk-tea w/ ice here as 'standard iced tea' ; or iced lemon tea. But when I was in the US, it seemed like people would drink plain-milk-free-lemon-free-sugar-free tea w/o ice and that was "iced tea". Hm.

For me, iced tea is cold, brewed tea served over ice. I prefer it straight, without lemon, milk, or sugar, but in much of the country here (the south, specifically) iced tea is almost always sweet tea. Most people in the US don't drink hot tea with milk, though I do when I'm in the UK.

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